Must have portable pet bowls!

I don’t know about you but my puppy goes everywhere with me! I wanted to get him some more bowls that are easy to carry around and that I can bring when we go on hikes! These bowls are perfect because my puppy is little and I plan to only use these for short day trips. I love that they come in a pack of multiple colors, and each with its own color coordinated hook and whistle! These hooks make it easy to strap right onto my hiking backpack!

Now-  I wouldn’t recommend these bowls if you have a large dog or if you’re wanting a bowl for an extended trip. I would only use these for water because they wouldn’t hold that much food. If you need a training whistle I wouldn’t rely on these. They will get your dog’s attention, but you can’t adjust the pitch. 

If you’re looking for this kind of product I would check them out on Amazon! Click here!


Travel Sewing Kit

This little guy is PERFECT for on the go and traveling! You can keep it in your car, purse, suitcase, etc. You can find it on Amazon here.

I love that it is a compact, waterproof case and has a zip around closure. It really has everything you need for emergency fashion situations. 

You get the needles, 12 thread colors, buttons, a thimble, scissors, measuring tape, safety pins, threaders, pins, and a seam ripper! Literally everything you need.

Honestly I’ve been keeping this in my car and have already used it once! I was the only one with an emergency sewing kit to save the day! I really do recommend it! #sewinggearsewingkit #touchofclassreviews #gotitfree

Plan for Christmas is to shop early!

So I have been looking around for Christmas gifts (yes, already!) I think that wallets are always a good gift (whether that’s for a specific person or to keep handy as an oops-I-forgot-you kind of gift). 

Here’s a wallet I got on Amazon. Here. Things I like about it: 

1) size- it has 7 different credit card pockets and 2 cash compartment pockets. it’s pretty roomy, but not too big where it may not fit in a mans back pocket.

2) color- the black is perfect because it’s easy to match and keeps you wallet simple

3) packaging- it comes in a nice hard box making it easy to gift!

Things I am not crazy about:

1) material: it feels cheap. I think it’ll hold up just fine, but it does feel cheap.

2) no ID pocket: there is not see through ID pocket. I was hoping it would have one, but it doesn’t

3) deep pockets: one of the pockets inside are especially deep, making it a little difficult to get your cards out.

So overall, I would consider purchasing this as a gift, however, I may shop around at my local stores for wallets before purchasing this one. There may be ones of better quality for a better price if you shop around.

I received this item for free for my honest opinion and review. #TouchOfClassReviews #GotItFree 

Another necessity if you’re planning on taking your pet on a trip!

Pet bowls
I have been looking for dog bowls to bring during long trips and for when I go hiking with my dog. These are perfect! They are collapsible and lightweight. They are fairly thin so they won’t take up a lot of room in your bag. They are super convenient. Because they come in a pack of 2 you can separate food and water on trips. The silicone material also makes them easy to clean. I’m not fully aware of the benefits of using silicone versus metal bowls, but I know other have their opinions. So that also something to consider!
I received this item for free for my review.

Planning to bring your pet on a trip?

Check out this Collapsible Pet Carrier!

This carrier is actually collapsible! It was easy to set up and take down! All you need is to do and undo the zippers. It is not made of metal at all. It has a hard top and bottom and it is actually pretty sturdy! It did not bend at all when I had my 14lb puppy inside.
The only thing I did not like was that it smelled a bit weird. This is likely from the the material of the carrier. I’m assuming it will go away after airing it out or after a few uses.

Definitely keep in mind that this carrier is for small dogs. My dog is half dachshund and so I think he is actually a little too long for this carrier. I feel like he will not be able to stay in there comfortably for long periods of time.

I received this carrier at a discount for my honest review.

Planning on a girls night?

You have to have a cute wine glass for girls night! Check this Wine Glass out!

I love this wine glass! It is not too fragile and it really is beautiful! The gold around the rim goes all the way around. There were no cracks or bubbles anywhere on the glass. The letters appear like stickers, however, they did not peel off when I tried to scratch them off. The “you say wine” text looked a little crooked to me, but I could not tell if that was actually the intended design, so I can not say that that is an actual flaw.

Overall, I am really excited to have this wine glass. I love that there is not a stem, making it less fragile. It also seems to hold more than my other wine glass with the stem. This would really make a great gift for any wine lover! I would have loved to have gotten this as a gift.
I received this wine glass for free for my honest opinion and review. These are my honest thoughts!

Planning on a trip or going to the library?

I don’t know about you, but headphones are a must-have whenever I go on a trip or when I’m going to the library. 

Check out these Headphones!

The sound quality is good and they are quite comfortable. The cushioning around the ears is soft and thick. These headphones have volume control and mic in the line. Both worked just fine for me. It’s a bonus that they easily fold up too!
What I do not like is that the white definitely gets dirty easily and you will be able to see it. There were some dark marks on mine from the packaging when it arrived, but I was able to wipe it off. I was thinking about getting another pair for my 8 year old niece who loves purple, but I know the white will get too dirty too quickly.
I received this item for free for my honest opinion and review.

Plan around a dead phone!

Tassel Charger

I love this tassel charger key chain! It is such a cool idea! It makes it so that I have a charger on me at all times. It’s perfect as an emergency charger and because it has both USB and lightning, anyone can use it. I was at 10% and got up to 53% in about 35 minutes. I’m not sure how great that is in comparison to the regular iPhone lightning cable, but it really comes in handy. I also found that it stays well on my key chain. The tassel does help cover the cords somewhat. I haven’t had any trouble with it getting in the way or the cords getting damaged in my purse. I currently have brown and it does look like its leather, but it’s not. It matches well with any of my purses. It’s not only stylish but also functional.
I received this charger for free for my honest review and opinions.